How should Gatahari be celebrated in USA like India? (Not Gutter, Gata+Har)

 Not Gutter, Gata+Har!

Not Gutter, Gata+Har

 (For awareness….)

 We are always doing things to discredit our festivals.  We have a change in diet after Ashadhi Amavasya.  This day is called Gata-hari (one who has eaten) Amavasya.

 Gata-hari, not sewers

How should Gata-hari be celebrated in USA like India? 

 Gutter is an English word.  This is the English term for a sewage system.  India was introduced to this word during the time of the British.

 Indian festivals have always been an institution of sanctity.  Also, they have a strong relationship with the local time and situation.

 Ashadha used to be a period of particularly heavy rainfall.

 Darkness due to rains and unavailability of food were major problems.

 Before the start of Shravan and also after Shravan, there was a state of fasting many times.  Moreover, the medical advice of fasting was enforced for four months with religious support to avoid the possibility of disease spread by rainwater.  (four months)

Uposhan means Gatahar

 Uposhan means Gatahar – Gat means past diet means food.  So this Gatahar starts from Ashadhi Amavasya.  Hence the new moon.

 The names of each of our festivals are based on Sanskrit.  The English word Gutter is mischievously attached to our festival.  We have been told that our worth is going down the drain and the unfortunate thing is that we have set out to make it true.

 Be aware of your great culture.  Each of our festivals has a great meaning.  No one can match our festivals.  Let us celebrate our festivals only with our true culture and stop the degradation caused by deliberate corruption.

 Not Gutter, Gatahar

 Gat = previous, old, past, no longer that

 Diet = food

 Gat+Ahar = Gatahar


 Vegetables + Ahari = Vegetarian



 Gat+Ahari+Amavasya = Gatahari Amavasya

 Deep Pujan is performed on this day

 Next Thursday, July 28, 2022 is Deep Amavasya.  Deep Amavasya is one of the most mischievous and perverted festivals of Hindus, which is followed by Vatpurnima.

 Everyone has the right to celebrate Gattari on a personal level.

 But instead of Deep Puja, it is not wanted to get a bad reputation everywhere as a mere gutter.  Why should we defame our religion, our culture for what is not our festival?  On the contrary, Deep Puja is performed on this day with great devotion in lakhs of houses of all castes in Maharashtra.

 Therefore, we are requesting many people not to use the word ‘Gatari’ to avoid such defamation.  Also, sending pictures of liquor bottles, chickens, bucks to each other as good wishes, wishing as Happy Gatari should be strictly avoided.

 Our religion, which has a tradition of thousands of years, also includes the science behind it.  Earlier, non-meat was eaten on this day and non-meat was kept off till the meal of Gauri.  This year strongly highlights the dire need to stop eating meat, at least during these rainy days, and how visionary our forefathers planned our practice.

Not Gutter, Gata+Har

Scientific reasons behind this:

 ◆ Let us know the scientific reasons behind this:

 1) Meat food is not digested properly in this humid monsoon environment.

 2) For most animals this period is mating/breeding period.  If animals are killed during this period, new animals will not be born.  Then from where to get animals to eat for the whole year?  This has an adverse effect on the entire natural cycle.  Therefore, Nisargaputra Kolibandhav does not fish during this period and fishing is also banned from the government level.

 3) Due to the humid environment outside during these days, many harmful organisms are likely to be present inside the animal’s body and on the skin of the body.  If they are not completely destroyed during cooking, it can also cause discomfort to the eater.

 4) There is moisture in the atmosphere.  If meat or fish is not stored properly, it will spoil faster due to increased germs in the air.

5) Today, despite the availability of various vaccines, highly effective antibiotics, drugs, it has become difficult to control the various epidemics that smolder.  The life-threatening epidemics of many deadly diseases are spread by the parasites that grow on the bodies of these unsanitary animals.  Therefore, avoiding meat during these days reduces the risk of bacterial infection.

 For all such reasons this day has been given a religious connection.  Therefore, the balance of nature is automatically achieved.

 ◆ There are also scientific reasons for going vegetarian these days–

 1) Many vegetables which are very rare and beneficial to nature grow during this period.  These vegetables are not even seen again throughout the year.

 2) Such vegetables are eaten automatically due to vegetarianism.

 3) Comparatively vegetarian food is well digested during these days.

 4) Due to the diet of tubers eaten on various fasting days, many of its rare minerals and useful nutrients automatically benefit the body.

 5) The constant strain on the digestive system of a chronic carnivore is temporarily reduced by this vegetarian change.

 So please “Observe Shravan, avoid the infamy of sewerage”!

 (Please spread this information to as many people as possible and stop this deliberate abuse of our culture,)

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